Don’t Worry About Your Boyfriend or Husband Going To a Gentlemen’s Club

“Honey, I’m going to a gentlemen’s club tonight.”

You might think that this one sentence is all but guaranteed to get men a one-way ticket to their significant other’s doghouse the first time he musters the courage to utter those fateful words. But should women really be concerned about their boyfriends or husbands visiting a gentlemen’s club in Chicago?

The answer is a resounding “No!” and the following are the primary reasons why men should be given a pass to let off a little steam at an upscale gentlemen’s club like Club 390.

1. They Won’t Get Hit On

Professional performers don’t go to work to hit on your significant other. Yes, they flirt and flash their smiles, but it’s a performance and nothing more. Dancers in gentlemen’s clubs don’t go to work looking to steal your boyfriend or take your husband home.

2. It Boosts Men’s Confidence

Men like to have their ego stroked every once in a while. When the boss is a jerk and life starts to feel routine, a man needs to be reminded that life can be fun. While a wife or a girlfriend can make him feel loved, sometimes it takes more than that to elicit a smile and your man is guaranteed to be smiling at the entertainment at Club 390.

3. It Replaces Negative Options

Most porn is fake and derogatory, especially to women. Viewing porn, even in small quantities, can have a negative impact on the sexual relationship a man has with his partner. Conversely, the performers in a gentlemen’s club celebrate the sensual nature of the human body, particularly the female body.

4. A Visit Can Spark Creativity

Many men visit strip clubs in Chicago because they want to talk, not gawk. In fact, many will sit down with the performers and discuss their wives or girlfriends. It is not uncommon for these conversations to revolve around new things they can try and experiment with in the relationship.

5. It’s Not All About Nudity

Most men visit gentlemen’s clubs to hang out with their friends. It is a chance for them to sit down, drink a beer and catch up with their buddies as they watch the game or grab a bite to eat. This strengthens their friendships and helps them feel more connected to their friends and to their colleagues at work.

6. It’s a Great Chance for a Girls’ Night Out

Relationships are about reciprocation, and if he has a guy’s night, then she gets a girl’s night, right? Tit for tat and no one tattles keeps everything fair and balanced in the relationship.

Club 390

Are you ready for a guys’ night or girls’ night at Chicago’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club? Our club in Chicago Heights is ready to entertain groups large or small and provide a night of fun you’ll never forget!


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