Being a Club 390 Stripper: 10 Things I’ve Learned So Far

Hi everyone, I’ve been at Club 390 in Chicago Heights for a couple of months now and it’s really going great! They’ve just remodeled the club from top to bottom and it looks unlike any strip club in Chicago. Totally upscale!

In the two months I’ve been there, I’ve discovered quite a bit about being a Club 390 stripper. I put together a list of 10 things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Men love everything about women; they really do. I’ve made money on days when my hair is half-done and I have no make-up on. I’ve had men come up to me after I just get off the stage and all sweaty from dancing and pole tricks, and beg me for a lap dance right then and there. (Me: “Dude, I’m gross! At least let me towel off.” Guy: “I don’t care; I love it!”)
  2. The majority of customers are really fun to talk to, which makes working at Club 390 a desirable place to be. To date, I’ve only actually felt like I was working (you know, in the bad sense!) a few times.
  3. The other strippers are great. Like any workplace, if you treat your co-workers well, they treat you well, too. I often describe the Club 390 girls as a kind of naked sorority. Today, a bunch of us are going to the beach! Watch out Chicago the 390 girls are coming!
  4. You don’t have to have a perfect body to be considered sexy by customers and make money. I weighed 117 when I started stripping. I now weigh about 135 and make the same money.
  5. Even knowing what I do, men hit on me constantly. It doesn’t stop them in the least. With all the negative stereotypes, you’d think this wouldn’t happen. It seems a Club 390 stripper is not only cute enough to see naked, but we’re cool enough to ask out! 🙂
  6. The Club 390 strippers sure do go through deodorant, body spray, and make-up real fast. It adds up, so I’m glad it’s a business expense!
  7. Although most customers mean well and do treat me well, there is a dearth of education out there on proper strip club etiquette, much to my chagrin.
  8. The people who make our jobs difficult are the people who come in thinking that we are prostitutes and not dancers. I’m a professional tease; if you try to stick anything in me or touch me where I don’t want to be touched, there are consequences. You are not entitled to force yourself on me.
  9. Pole tricks are a great workout. Even with my experience as a triathlete, my arms are much stronger. I can’t wait for Saturday, when a bunch of us are taking a class to build on our pole-related gymnastic skills. I’ve been doing extra push-ups to prepare. 🙂
  10. The few men I have time to meet at bars and through dating sites are not threatened by my job stripping at Club 390. Hooray for secure guys! 🙂

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