Choosing The Right Stage Name in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to pole dancing, it’s important to choose a name that will become your alter ego. Plus, having an awesome stage name is part of the fun of being a stripper!

But, the question is, how do you even come up with a stage name for yourself? After dismissing the “name of your first pet/first street you lived on” method, the girls at Club 390, an upscale gentlemen’s club in Chicago Heights have put together some easy-to-follow steps to choosing a great stripper name!

Step 1

What some of the girls at Club 390 do is develop a visual mood board for their new persona. You can create a board on Pinterest, or even cut up old magazines and paste onto an actual poster board. Whatever works for you. Then step back, give it a good look, and get inspired!

Is your pole ego a fiery sex bomb? Sweet but sinful? Exotic and expensive? A strong and intimidating man eater? Remember: this is fantasy! And also an opportunity to play the role of the woman of your dreams. It’s like Halloween, but every day! So have fun with this. And we promise, having a visual collage will really get your creative juices flowing!

Step 2

Write down a list of things that make you unique, and you truly connect with. It’s okay if the list is long, just write down any and all words and ideas that describe yourself. This can be related to your physical appearance or your general disposition. Club 390 has girls in every shape and size. We try to have different types of girls for every taste. Here are some examples:

Flexible, tall, short, strong muscles, curvy, red hair, curly hair, smooth dark skin, Asian pride, sexy eyes, full bust, big back end, tattoo’s, quiet, sweet, bad girl, dominating, classy, sassy, goth, hippy chick, rocker, geek, spiritual goddess, glam gal, love pole tricks, love floor work, etc.

Try to spend at least 15–20 minutes on this, as the process will really help build your self esteem and you’ll find that after some time, certain things will start repeating themselves and resonate with you. We all have so many things about us that makes us unique, and we can draw upon and play up these aspects to create stage names we can truly own. Here at Club 390 we ask the other dancers what they think of our potential names. They’re a super big help!

Step 3

Pick out a handful of words/ideas from the list that you feel really describe you. What are you most proud of? What words keep repeating themselves? And even more telling, what is it that people most often comment upon when complimenting you?

Once you have your list, this is where the word-smithing comes in. Come up with alternate ways to express each word/idea you’ve decided on. Be creative. Try using well-known words in other languages (for example, French can make something sound more girly, while Spanish can spice things up!

Here are few examples:

If you’re a redhead, try using some of these: Scarlet, Crimson, Fire, Flaming, in Flames, Blood, Bloodshot, Garnet, Ruby, Burgundy, Merlot, Cherry, Cinnamon, Spice, Cayenne, Roja, Red Hot.

If you consider yourself sweet you can use these: Sugar, Candy, Cake, Cupcake, Syrup, Bonbon, Delicious, Honey, Nectar, Darling, Cutey, Sweetness, Precious, Tasty, Sunshine, Baby, Babydoll, Doll, Sweets, Sweetheart, Lace, Petite Cherie, Kitten.

At this point, go through and circle your favorites. Choose the words that excite you, that “speak your language”. I know the girls at Club 390 will ask friends and even the managers here what they think of our perspective names!

The whole point of developing this list is to ultimately come up with a name that really suits you and plays up your personality! There are so many great names out there to choose from, but they don’t have much impact if they’re not relatable or suited to you as a stripper.

Let your imagination run wild!


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