Holiday Parties at Club 390

The holiday party season is almost upon us and after hearing about recent holiday party horror stories that have led to dismissals, legal trouble, or worse, it’s understandable to question the relevance of holiday parties in the 2016 workplace. With many companies taking more steps to incorporate informal gatherings, lunches, and happy hours year-round, holding a big company party during the busiest time of year might even seem counter intuitive. However, with employee engagement at its lowest point since 2007, it might be more important than ever for your business to not only host a holiday party, but to use it as an opportunity to show employee appreciation and help team members to better get to know the company and each other. Plus, it’s a great way to start out the new year on a positive note!holiday-lightbox

Your company’s culture is one of its biggest differentiator and the holiday party is the perfect time to put your money where your “cultural” mouth is. Even employees who tend to skip out on other social events are likely to attend the holiday party, so it’s your best opportunity outside of the office to spotlight company priorities.

Also, consider what positive types of word-of-mouth your holiday party might generate about your business. If your employees have a great time, they’re not only more likely to feel satisfied with their job, but also more likely to spread that positivity to others, such as potential new hires.

When you think of holiday parties, you probably don’t think of having them in an upscale gentlemen’s club. But, before you rush to judgement, think of how fun and memorable it will be for you and your employees! You and your team have worked hard all year, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. What better place to celebrate than at Club 390. We offer a unique opportunity to create a fabulous party! Besides having a full liquor bar, delicious food, and of course Chicagoland’s hottest women, we offer several private rooms for your year-end celebration!

At Club 390 our entertainers perform full contact dances, unlike other gentlemen’s clubs in the area. In addition, our girls strip down to nothing but their birthday suits, which is sure to have a positive effect on company morale! We have a a giant 25 foot main stage a VIP stage, Plus our exclusive 390 Club Room offers a private stage as well!

For a limited time, Club 390 is offering a special incentive when you book your holiday party with us. You and your entire party will receive a complimentary champagne toast. What a wonderful way to celebrate your team!

With Club 390 located just minutes from downtown Chicago, we can’t think of a better place for your holiday party. If you’d like more information, please give us a call at 708-758-2582, or visit our website at


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