The Ultimate Guys Night Out

The Ultimate Guys Night Out

For single guys a night out with his buddies is a no brainer. But for married and committed guys, it can be another story. When guys get together for a night out, they want to make it special because chances are it doesn’t come along all that often. Whether it’s for the stories we tell after and the memories or just to get away or to bond and grow, guys need to have a little fun and a cold beer every now and again. Guys love challenges and adventures and what better way to create them then on a guy’s night out? Below are a few ideas to create a memorable night of on the town.

Grilling and Beers

Guys love grilling plain and simple. What better way to get together with good friends then over some great meat and beers! And if there’s a sporting event going on that night, even the better. Head into the man cave and cheer on your favorite team!


This has got to be one of men’s favorite past times. It’s so easy to organize and you always want a newbie to come play and throw his money in the pot. If you don’t know how to play and don’t want to be the one contributing cash every time, make sure to learn the rules. You can always host at your house or hit up the casino if there’s one nearby. They have week night tournaments that you can buy into cheaply.

Strip Clubs

What better way to spend a night then at an upscale Chicago strip club. With a few gentlemen’s clubs to choose from in our area, you really can’t go wrong. It really depends on what you’re looking for. There are clubs where girls only strip down to their bra and panties and only serve soft drinks for a tamer night out, to clubs that feature fully nude, full contact strippers with a full liquor bar. Strip clubs these days now offer top-notch food and are even open until 6:00AM! In addition, some high end strip clubs offer private areas where guys can rent out entire rooms to for some additional privacy.

Beer Tasting

Beer tasting can make for a great night out. Try out some upscale bars and microbreweries in Chicagoland and sample the variety of brands they have to offer in an open and pleasing ambience. There are many breweries which offer a tour of their facilities even for free. You have the opportunity to also glance upon how beers are made.

Racing, Go Kart & Games

Go-kart tracks can be a cool option to get together with the boys! If possible, look for a place with electric go-karts. Electric go-karts can attain greater speed than the gasoline run models and also, don’t smell bad. Many of the go-kart tracks today are also connected to an amusement center with miniature golf, arcade games, batting cages and other fun options.

Play Sports

This has got to be at the top of every guys list. Along with steaks, grilling and sport events. The best part is it helps keep you fit and in shape. You also get to really put that trash talk into action one on one.


Whatever activity you choose, don’t forget to plan! Nothing is worse than finally getting an evening free and the night ends with no laughs or epic stories to tell. Worse yet, you get a visit from the cops cause you pushed the limits too far and you end up making that one phone call to your wife. This would be an Epic Fail. So pick and plan; relax and have some fun.


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