Planning the PERFECT Bachelor Party

If you are selected to be the best man at your friend’s wedding, you have several important responsibilities to fulfill. First and foremost is to plan a bachelor’s party for your buddy.

What To Do

The first step in planning a bachelor party is to choose an activity to center the party around. There are plenty of other activities that will unleash your testosterone and get your heart pumping. Here are just a few ideas:

  •  Rent jet skis for a day on the water
  • Attend a professional or collegiate sporting event
  • Spend the day golfing

No matter what activity you do during the day, a great way to spend the evening portion of the gathering is to head to an upscale strip club. The tradition of going to an upscale gentlemen’s club is still alive and well! Club 390, located in Chicago Heights, features a multitude of activities all very well suited for the groom’s last night of “freedom”.

If heading to a gentlemen’s club is what the bachelor desires, then here’s what to consider when checking out area clubs.

  • Does the strip club have a full liquor bar, or is it a soda/juice-only club?
  • Can you bring your own liquor in?
  • Does the club have a full service kitchen? After a full day of activities, you’re going to want to grab a late-night meal.
  • How will you get to and from the gentlemen’s club? If you’re at a club that indeed does serve liquor, you’re going to want inquire about their transportation options. Some clubs will have a bus, van or even a limousine to ride in style, to make sure you get to and from the club safely.
  • As far as the strippers, how much are they allowed to take off? Can they only go down to a bikini? Are they allowed to go topless, or can they go all the way and get fully nude?
  • What kind of dances does the strip club offer? Do the girls perform full contact dances where you can really enjoy each dance, or do they only give air dances, which are no fun for anyone!
  • What types of bachelor party packages does the club offer? You’ll want to make sure the club offers all-inclusive party packages, transportation, preferred seating and a private party room. Some clubs will even offer a stage show where the bachelor gets up on stage and is surrounded by the strippers of his choice!

Club 390, located minutes from downtown Chicago, is an upscale strip club that combines awesome entertainment with great food, liquor, and fun you won’t find any place else! The club features fully nude strippers plus a full liquor bar, which is the perfect combination for a great bachelor party!  The club offers a variety of dances including lap dances, semi-private and private, full contact nude dances with Chicagoland’s hottest girls!

Club 390 provides everything from the limo, delicious food and of course the best strippers to make the occasion a memorable one! Our private party room, The 390 Club, features a full service bar, complete with your own gorgeous bartender and private stage! The club also has an ultra-private Executive Lounge, where bachelors and his guests can spend some private one-on-one time with their favorite strippers.

Some of the other great things Club 390 offers:

  • 25 Foot Main Stage
  • VIP Stage
  • Two Executive VIP Seating Areas
  • Private Champagne Rooms & Full Line of Champagne
  • Large Private Dance Area with fully nude strippers
  • State-of-the-Art Surround Sound and Light System
  • Fully-Enclosed & Fully-Heated Smoking Haven


  • Don’t do anything insanely dangerous. You want to have fun, but you don’t want to risk breaking one of the groom’s limbs. He’ll find it difficult to go scuba diving on his honeymoon with a cast on his leg.
  • It’s nice to surprise your friend with what he’ll be doing at his party, but be sure to cater to his personality and interests.
  • After you choose an activity for the bachelor’s party, plan for a meal to follow it. If it’s warm, a backyard cookout makes an excellent choice. If it’s cooler, or you simply desire something more formal, rent a room at your friend’s favorite restaurant.
  • At the dinner, encourage your friends to make funny roasts and poignant toasts. They may also wish to impart words of wisdom to the groom.

Choose a Date

There are several considerations to take into account when planning the date of the party. While it is tempting to have the party the night before the wedding when all the guests are in town, this is not an appropriate choice. The groom needs to be sharp for the next day’s ceremony, not all tuckered out. Also, a rehearsal dinner is often planned for the same night and would conflict with your party. So choose a date several weeks before the wedding. If many of the groom’s friends live out-of-state, you may want to push it back even further, so they need not twice make the same trip in a short period of time.

Send Out the Invitations

Invite all the men in the wedding party and all of the groom’s good friends and male relatives with whom he is close. Send out the invitations about three weeks before the party. The invitations should match the party’s level of formality. If the party is to be formal, send quality, written invitations through the mail. If the party is going to be a more casual affair, a phone call or email will do. If the party will involve an activity such as the ones mentioned above, include information such as the cost, meeting place and time, maps, etc.

For more information on how to plan the perfect bachelor party in Chicago, visit or call 708-758-CLUB.


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